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Success Is Elemental

I don't know about you, but growing up off subject topics, always felt awkward to talk about. I was raised that we don't talk about money, god, or our success - I just grew to assume they were all taboo subjects and not something we share with others. 

My spiritual journey started young, beginning when I was 3 I was visited by a shadow-like figure that came through my bedroom window; I was comforted, and they let me know they were always with me as they pulled the covers up under my chin and sweetly tucked me in. These encounters early on took me on a road of learning about life, death, science, and spirituality that has changed my life forever. It has given me a pearl of deep wisdom and understanding about life.

I know my parents worked hard and were busy being successful, my dad traveled a lot and was gone mostly Monday thru Friday and my mother was a busy entrepreneur. I don’t remember ever wanting for much, I thought it was a pretty normal childhood, and that everyone played with mother nature and spirits. 

Our family home was on a wooded 10 acres, close to my grandparents, and other family members. I didn’t have many friends, my playground was the forest making believing in mother nature, and spent time with my great-grandpa when I could. We attended church regularly and looked like the perfect family. By high school, I had had enough of living in the tiny Kingwood bubble. Ready to get the heck out of town, an opportunity came my Sophomore year, and with everything I owned, cassette tapes and all, stuffed into the trunk of my “73 VW Super Beatle, at just 17 I was headed to Atlanta GA.

Forest Playground
Tranquil forest
Carry-On Suitcase
College Friends

Georgia on my mind...

One of my proudest accomplishments, back then, was earning my certified addiction counselor certificate (CDAC), before I even turned 18, or had my Highschool GED. It’s an exciting time, new friends, new city - working 40+ volunteer hours a week. But I soon learned having a certification didn’t mean diddly when it came to getting paid. Now what? How do I pay my bills? And to add insult to injury, the non-profit I moved there to work for was falling apart; If I was going to stay in Atlanta I had to make money. This is one of those times I look back on my life and think what a badass I am. I could have packed up, thrown in the towel, and gone home. But no way, I was determined to do life on my own, and moving back to Texas was a solid no. Determined, I found a way… I learnt some of my biggest life lessons during my time living in Atlanta. More than being self-sufficient and paying my own bills; I figured out how to be resourceful, and to stand up for myself. But my biggest discovery of all -  there is power in having a plan, making your own money, owning nice things, and being a good friend.

Back in Texas.

Finally feeling the tug to come home to Texas…I came back to what I knew.  With sweat equity, I bought into the family business, and with some new twist on what my mom had started back in 1979, I had a global vision to build success. I met a boy, we fell in love and I asked him to marry me. We were so much alike, but also so very different…when things were good, they were good, but when they were bad they got ugly; I just thought that’s how a marriage was supposed to work. We were about five years into our marriage, and apparently, babies were was like one day we looked around and all of our friends were parents. We had our youngest on the way within that year, and her sister soon followed just 14 short months behind her. Becoming a mom gave my life a whole new twist. With how to raise our babies, and me not being a good enough mother, a constant topic of heated discussion…I decided to walk away from my company I was building - to try the “good wife - stay at home mom thing”. 

Totally not for me, I was done trying, this was not the way I wanted to raise my girls, and I filed divorce papers. I left the marriage broken, and financially devastated, he had taken everything, and everything I had worked for was gone (he had liquidated all our savings). For the next 2 decades I would “struggle as a single mom”, never generating a consistent income, but always there to be room mom for my daughters. Feeling like a failure as a mother, and as an entrepreneur. I wanted my daughters to see me be successful, and to know they could do it all too. But, I would always end up having to supplement our income with another time-clock job. I didn’t know it at the time but I was a prisoner of  “Mental Money Jail” and it was me that was doing the constant sabotaging. 

pet travel.jpg
Wedding Celebration
Doing the Dishes

Guilty, Worthless, Incomplete...

 Initially, it was a survival thing. I knew how I didn’t want to live anymore, I’d spend hours reading “self-help” books and trying to figure life out. I knew there had to be another way, I was tired of NOT knowing HOW to live and be.....different. I thought I’ll find a way to make money, build a business, be better....then my life will be complete and I won’t feel so guilty, worthless, and incomplete. See I was living on the lie that I was broken and something needed to be fixed.

What within me was a miss for the next 2 decades, my toils strived to mend…and I focused on me and how to be happy.


Cultivating strategies, rituals, and routines to improve my life, both my experience of life and the lifestyle I wanted to live; I created a master plan - having a clear vision made all the difference. I’ve been blessed to have spent a significant amount of time with a number of world-class mentors, thought leaders, and coaches including Tony Robbins, Dr. Louise Hays, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dispenza, and the 7 Habits Inside Prison team.

Today it is my passion to show women to know their worth and build their wealth by practicing self-love to manifest their wildest dreams. The Hello Eden gives women a strategy and formula to design their life-style in a way they love that feeds their soul, so they intuitively, and authentically, do entrepreneurship their way. It took me 10 years to unlock my formula to manifest happiness, please don't wait that long. 

Hello, I'm Jenn Colmenares.
Our vision for Hello Eden is to allow everyone to feel like they have a place in this world.

Wealth is our formula...


This movement, it's not just mine. 

It's all of ours. 

Each of us have a different calling, a different passion, a different movement that we are here to create. 

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