You can't reach your Freedom Lifestyle by accident...

Are you ready to build your Freedom Lifestyle — from initial vision to automations your dream "entrepreneurial machine.” Are you committed to cracking the Entrepreneurial success code and living a Freedom Lifestyle? Then what I share next is for you.

Why is it so normal to

stress about our life as an entrepreneur?

We all feel it.

We feel it DAILY. Sometimes hourly.

We go to Target for deodorant and tissues and leave with $197.43 of stuff. Our car needs surprise repairs, and we have to scramble to pay for it. We hear our other business friends talk about their advertising campaigns and wonder how much we're missing out on. (BTW, probably thousands, maybe ten's of thousands if you're not investing here — and investing wisely.)

Here comes another surprise electric bill. Will these ever end? End of the month and we get

a "low account balance" alert — again. We're on vacation but can't enjoy dinner because the prices feel so high. Wasn't this trip supposed to be relaxing?


Stress is one of those things that's so common that we think it's normal. We think entrepreneurship, and our life HAS to be stressful.

But if you step back and look at what we're taught about a freedom lifestyle, it's not surprising we're stressed.

Most advice sounds logical but actually is adding stress to our lives.

"Keep a budget!" (Why? Every time you try it falls apart and you're back to square one.) "Cut back on lattes!" (Frankly, I don't want to. I love my coffee.) "Disable your oven light and save $0.43. A YEAR!" (OMG, some frugality tips are ridiculous. They don't work and are just silly.) "Buy crypto! Everyone's doing it." (Why does this feel like you're playing bingo…but you just don't know how?) Or perhaps my all-time favorite: "If you rent, you're just throwing y

our money away."

How to stop stressing

If you're ready to get off the never-ending roller coaster that is stress, ask yourself these two questions…



It's not a lack of trying. Or desire.

It's not a lack of money either. Many people are surprised to discover that their money stress doesn't go away as their income and net worth go up. (I've met multiple millionaires who still bargain shop for the cheapest blueberries.)



We all think if we just hit a certain number — maybe that's $100k a year, or a million-dollar net worth — then we'll finally fee

l good like we've hit success…

But it never happens.

When we hit the goal, we find the goal post moves. Or worse, we might work and work and work…only to realize we don't know how to actually enjoy our life. THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME!

People worry and stress their whole lives, scrimping and saving for a retirement where they assume their life will somehow (magically) be wonderful. But when it arrives, they're still stressed and afraid to live.

Some people spend hours and hours (even days) building complicated spreadsheets for their future plans. But this doesn't work either. We don't want a nice spreadsheet — we just want our time to go where it needs to go, automatically, with enough left over that we can enjoy our lives, guilt-free.

We don't want a spreadsheet. WE WANT A FREEDOM LIFE!

Here's the most important take away in all this:

If you want to stop stressing about time, and freedom, you have to CHANGE your approach to life and shift your perspective just a little bit.

When you do, amazing things can happen…

Nobody's born knowing how life works...

When I started to learn about entrepreneur

ship and business building back in the 90's, so much of what I read about was telling me what I SHOULDN’T do.

  • DON'T spend money…

  • DON'T take risks…

  • And certainly DON'T mix business and anything you enjoy

And when you hunker down and go to work every day for 60 years, you MIGHT be lucky enough to enjoy it in your rocking chair. I don’t know about you, but that's my nightmare. I want to enjoy my life TODAY. Not in some distant future that I might not even live to see.

Work is a small but vital part of living a fulfilling life. Getting your stress, money and time in control gives you the power and flexibility to make major improvements in all areas of your life. Time with family and friends, travel, experiences, personal growth, your health and fitness, hobbies, giving — ALL of these parts of your life can become bigger, easier, more exciting, and richer when your stress is under control and working FOR you, not AGAINST you.

Why keep trying to do it yourself?

You don't HAVE to do it alone.

If you join E-School Entrepreneurship Simplified, our top tier, you get a 6-week live online workshop — hosted by me. In this hands-on sprint, you and your classmates will build your own Sucess Systems step by step, guided by me and our team.

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