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Create a Chain Reaction of Extraordinary Results in ALL Areas of Your Life. 

Wanna Maximize Your Potential? 

  • 95% of your success in life is directly attributed to whom you spend your time with. 

  • The people in your inner circle strongly influence your attitude, your money habits, and the decisions you make every day. 

  • This is how joining Gettin Unstuck can impact you as a person and a business professional. 


Are You Ready For Life To Give You What You Want? 

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Success Story

Monica -  Getting Unstuck

I have found another part of myself! I wasted years living in mom-guilt, shame, and mental money jail, as a single mom I felt I always had to struggle, and there was always just enough. NO MORE, since joining Getting Unstuck my whole outlook on life, money, and relationships has changed, thanks to Jenn and my tribe I have a new outlook for my life. 


Hello Eden

Where Ever Your Are On Your Journey We Meet Your There. 

  • Do you feel like you've been stuck or are you facing some big change?

  • Do you want to learn how to grow and lead a team? 

  • Are you ready to make better life decisions and maximize your earning potential? 

  • Turn your side hustle into a main hustle that will afford you the lifestyle and success you crave.

  • Work towards becoming a millionaire without sacrificing your health, family, sanity, or integrity.

Buddha Statue

Are You Happy with the way you are living life? 

What are you looking for? 

  • Is it transformation of a relationship, or the creation of one? 

  • Some love and some real passion, not just hanging out? 

  • Or are you looking for freedom, are you looking for the ability to just take control of your time, are you looking for some fulfillment, maybe to experience more meaning? 

  • Is it FUN you really want to have?

It's how we get our members incredible results. 

The Growth Formula Diagnoses:

Your Blocks:  Why you've been struggling to transform your life emotionally, physically, financially, spiritually, and in your relationships. 

Your Leaks:  Where you're energy is going, where your lacking focus and direction, blocking abundance that could easily be yours. 

Your Plan:  Specific action steps you need to take control, of creating life on your terms and taking it to the next level. 

This program is about is: taking control, creating life on your terms, and putting yourself in a position where the outside world is not the driving force in whom you become, what you enjoy, or what you create in your life.

We get to the root of: 

  • Abundance blocks,

  • Limiting beliefs,

  • Lack of confidence,

  • Fears,

  • How we spend our time and thoughts,

  • AND we get crystal clear along the way!

You receive a tailored to your needs plan to follow. 

Keep working the plan, step by step, to keep growing, keep manifesting, and hit your Millionaire mark! 

Book your FREE 30 Minute Introductory call today to see if personal coaching is a good fit for you. 

With All Your EXTRA? 

Get yourself in and get unstuck so you can...

Buy A Home

Private School for you kids

Pay off credit card debt

Sleep in peace every night

Fly first class, just because

Take that epic vacation

Generate impactful wealth

Do things you love

Give back to your community

This is for you if...

If you are ready to live with more joy, energy, and fulfillment, finally experience transformation and abundance, and you are ready to put in the inner work required to get to the point of dreamwork, then I invite you to a free clarity call.

This takes you.

Although, yes I and my team are Abundance Activators for others, it 100% percent requires you to show up and do the inner work, the mindset work, and for you to allow yourself to see possibility-even when no one else sees possibility.

It's all here for you.

The entire foundation.

But it requires your active participation in conscious creation, faith, and trust in yourself that you do in fact have the ability to create the life of your dreams.

If you are a professional woman looking to show up with confidence and take control of your career, looking for a space where you can be an active participant, and make more meaningful connections with other like minded - growth mindset goddesses, where you can bring your triggers, your stuck points, AND your celebrations, this would be for you.

The more you show up for this work, the more you participate with like-minded women walking a similar journey, and the more you immerse yourself in this frequency, the more abundance you will see.

Uplevel Your Life

TIME for the people you love and the causes you care about. ​

MONEY to change the world and make your community a better place. 

COURAGE to live as big as you want. 



Program Start Date: June 22, 2022
Enrollment will be announced via email be sure to sign-up for your interview to receive up dates and be notified when enrollment opens. Once you are accepted you are in for as long as you desire to stay, learn, and grow with our elite professionals.
This means you will have access to ALL new content or bonuses as we continue to grow and learn new tools and techniques. 


Join right in with live open coaching calls (tons of time for Q&A on these calls).   

Start listening to all recorded trainings at your leisure. There are trainings for: 

  • A 31 Day Money Story Recode, daily immersion in mind expansive content designed to help you recode your old money story. 

  • Financial Shadow Work Trainings

  • Immersion videos

  • Meditation

  • Activations

  • Training videos to absorb.

  • And of course Book Club


 You will also gain access to our private Space Mastermind tribe where you can ask questions, connect with your fellow manifesting goddesses, get support, and work through the material together! Our mentors and myself are in there all the time and always answering questions! 


Inside the program we do energy and belief healing and clearing, work on mindset, mind expansion, empowerment, and all things manifesting.

  • Monthly Live Coaching Calls.

  • Financial Shadow Work Trainings & Workbooks.

  • Pre-Recorded Trainings (Self-paced).

  • Meditations & Activations.

  • Monthly Challenges to keep us in the manifesting frequency.

  • Book Club.

  • There is a HUGE Content Vault FULL of information, trainings, activities, tons of printable worksheets, and workbooks.

  • You get access to the Private Group where you can connect in with your circle.

  • Abundance Block Clearing.

  • Emotional & Belief Healing and Clearing.

  • Regular check-ins and concepts to help with re-patterning your wealth mindset.

  • Immersion videos designed to connect and stay in the frequency and to share inspiration and what I am experience in terms of abundance and wealth mindset.

  • Building an unshakable foundation for abundance. 


A Young Woman Sitting on a Balcony


"Over 90 days of coaching, I gained a deep sense of confidence in myself as a business owner and learned concrete strategies for moving forward. I was overwhelmed and unsure how to proceed, and Jenn helped me unlock my confidence, creativity, and joy. I now recognize my personal strengths as a leader and have used them to launch my dreams!”

Record Store


“When I reached out to Jenn, I felt that I was at a tipping point yet again in my life… tipping back down the way I came. Self-sabotage was the biggest culprit in my life. Just when I was so close to arriving to a point of exceptional weight loss, career goals, financial goals, relationships, and consistency with it all… I recognized that I was the one holding me back. When I would try to solve the issue, all the balls would drop at once and I'd find myself in a tailspin. I felt out of control. Jenn listened hard and began to create tools and a road map for me and my specific needs to overcome and conquer my hold-ups.

Mature Woman


"Just a week into being accepted into this Elite group of business-savvy and focused women, I knew I had found my tribe. Without hesitation, I began to look for better surroundings, and without sharing my plan, this Brooklyn native had purchased a new home at the Jersey shore within a few months. And I didn’t tell a soul what I was doing except my Elite Manifesting tribe..."

Your membership includes weekly group coaching sessions from our team of Elite Business women, Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants who specialize in Mental Health, Money, Relationships Manifestation, and putting Creation to Work to generate everflowing lifestyle of success and so much more. 


Held weekly. Transformational. Uplifting. The best part of your week. Identify whatever is holding you back from making your imprint goal that week- clear those blocks. 


Each session focused on spirituality, manifesting, and surrendering. Bring your questions. Get answers from our expert Coaches. 



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