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I´m on a mission to teach people how to manifest the life of their dreams and step into their next-level identity.

*Trigger Warning*
Growing up I had a very scares mindset as it pertained to Money. I used to feel a lot of guilt around money because of circumstances involving money and my parents. I remember vividly hearing them argue over money and being the one to hand over kleenex when my mom was crying.

Aside from my family, I remember watching movies and TV shows and hearing other limiting beliefs around money that would literally keep me up at night.

I used to worry all the time about money; having enough, holding onto it, making enough, etc, and I started to directly link my worthiness and self-worth to how much money I had.

That all changed for me when I decided that those stories were no longer serving me, I learned tools and practiced techniques to empower myself to hold an abundant mindset.

Once I shifted my energy and raised my vibration, I started to re-wire my subconscious mind, learned how to attune to my money frequency, and I started to attract more of what I wanted into my life! I am so excited to spend this time with you to help you shift your money mindset so that you can be an energetic magnet to anything you desire!

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