This movement, it's not just mine. 

It's all of ours. 

Each of us have a different calling, a different passion, a different movement that we are here to create. 


Hello, I'm Jenn.

Transformation Guide.

Soul adventurer.

Student of Life.

Life could've destroyed me...
So I surrendered to its wisdom.

     Some of my clients call me their coach, some call me their guide, and some call me their mentor, others their soul sister. The labels are not important. What is important to them is that I create a safe, focused space of empathy, compassion, insight, and wisdom that no parent, no teacher, no spouse, or no friend has ever created for them before. 


     While many people in my profession get certified, start coaching, and then jump straight into business, my life took me on a different path. Thirty-three years ago, I discovered that I was gifted with an ability to assist people with powerful psychospiritual breakthroughs, many of which were born out of intense trauma or adversity. In 2018, my own encounter with extreme adversity came. Shortly after losing my dearest friend, I was in an accident caused by another person which left me completely traumatized for the next two years. Complications from the injury left me unemployed and in a cycle of deep depression. 

Unwilling to become the victim of my circumstances, I honed my inner craft of being a zen warrior, dedicated to fighting the inner voices that wished to keep me small and give in to the frequently overwhelming pain and challenge.
     And moment by moment, day by day, I became so good at it that my friends started asking for advice and from their very high-achieving individuals began to seek my guidance, intuitively sensing that I could help them to tap into a greater, more powerful expression of themselves. 
And I didn’t stop there.  I committed thousands of hours and many tens of thousands of dollars to study with world-class mentors who helped me to hone my craft.  A lifelong student, I continue to learn from master teachers so that I can help my clients achieve even faster, more transformational results through our work together.

     I am blessed to be a servant leader to human evolution through being a mirror and guide for leaders who are committed to the path of self-actualization, self-mastery, and transcendence. 

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