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Not feeling balanced and grounded?
Without the right tools and guidance in your spiritual practices, your chakras may continue to be underactive, blocked, or overactive thus bringing you confusion, inability to focus, negative thoughts and feelings, bad health, suppression of emotions, feelings of insecurity and doubt in yourself, fear, shyness, and going backward on the spiritual path. You want to be free from the pain and suffering you have experienced throughout your life. You want and need healing. It’s your time.


We’re living in the most extraordinary time in history; humanity is undergoing a transformation of consciousness, and we’re in the hour of reckoning.
Our world is in crisis, and nearly everyone is experiencing some sort of anger, fear, grief, confusion, anxiety, depression, or malaise.
If we haven't met, I’m Jenn!
Unshakable optimist dedicated to helping you become the person you most want to be. 
I can totally relate to these feelings of unease, and I help other souls navigate their spiritual ruts and dark nights. I support them as they discover their divinity and confront their shadow self so they can courageously fulfill their unique purpose.


A conscious Chakra balancing practice is by no means prescriptive, but evolutionary to those that take the time to embrace the discipline.
Think of this as the introductory point for your own learning that you can tweak along the way.
Energy healing is ongoing, which is why unblocking and balancing different chakras when life changes happen is more like happy healthy, spiritual hygiene.
It’s important to know where in our body we are holding our emotions.
By doing this, we can focus on what we need by tuning into the body and do the work to heal.


Is this you?

*You want to balance yourself through the chakra system but don’t know how to.
*You’ve heard that there are more techniques to activate and balance the chakras but you don’t know which practices to trust and follow.
*Perhaps you are overwhelmed with all the commercialized techniques to activate the chakras and you don’t know how to continue.
*You’ve learned the basic techniques but continue to feel like you are still emotionally and mentally blocked which makes you feel frustrated.
*You have tried practicing activation techniques, but nothing in your life seems to change.
*You know deep down there is much more to yoga and chakras, but you cannot seem to find it.
*You want to improve your health, increase your energy and heal yourself, but do not know how to.

I have had some of the most mystical magical experiences with God, with Nature and with the Universe - When I started to balance and grow my chakra centers, we are all one, the same connected consciousness and I'm passionate to share with others these whirlpools of power we hold dormant within.


Everything starts with the root chakra. Your energy advances upwards from here.
It’s the channel that helps us feel most grounded and connected to earth.
When meditating on the root chakra, imagine your feet as planted or actually get your feet onto earth and imagine a healing flow of red light coming up and through your feet, healing you with vitality and unconditional love on a cellular level.
Breathe this in. 
The element: Earth
The affirmation: I am
The chant: Lam. This chant has a sound frequency that is particularly helpful in opening the chakras. It encourages a sense of safety and reassurance.
The crystal: Red Jasper to feel fortified and protected.
The Color:  Red. 


The sacral chakra is about passion, birthing life or ideas and creativity. It’s thanks to this chakra that we are able to better understand pleasure and our sensuality. Much of our self esteem is affected by this chakra as well. 

The element: Water
The affirmation: I feel. 
The chant: Vam. However high or low you want to go, you can feel the sound at the source here.
The crystal: Carnelian. In ancient times, a lot of people would wear it for protection when traveling. But it’s really great for releasing negative self talk and helps us tune into what we are passionate about.  I like to keep it by my bed.
The color: Orange 


When we talk about gut feelings and when you think of accomplishment, you’re talking solar plexus energy. It is also indicative of your power and how you can harness it. When we question our self-worth, it usually centers on this point. The sun is inextricably linked to this solar plexus—believe it or not, laying in the sun is the most healing thing you can do for it. Think of fire and burning away anything that gets in between you and your goals.

The element: Fire.
The affirmation: I can. Assert what you’re capable of: I can accomplish my dreams on my terms; I can feel free and powerful at the same time.
The chant: Ram.
The crystal: Tiger’s eye. It stabilizes emotions and boosts confidence. 
The color: Gold/yellow


We’ve all experienced sadness or grief before—whether you are having trust issues or problems with forgiveness, this is a call to tune into your heart center. It’s why I like to envision my heart as a lung. I close my eyes and picture it breathing in healing unconditional love. I imagine taking in nurturing green light on the inhale, and on the exhale I see the pain leaving my body. 

The element: Air
The affirmation: I love.
The chant: Yam. Something about this word, even the way your mouth has to open to make the sound of it, instantly opens your chest.
The crystal: Rose Quartz is definitely the crystal for the heart. It is all about love. Green Calcite is good for opening up gently as well. Both of these crystals strengthen your ability to give and receive love.
The color: Green


If I had to sum it up in the simplest way, I would say that your throat chakra is your truth, it’s the root of communication and self-expression. When you struggle with your throat chakra, your voice can feel stifled and you may have trouble asserting yourself. The thing to remember is that you cannot wait for someone to give you permission to express your truth, only you can do that for yourself, and working on your throat chakra helps to activate that.

The element: Ether
The affirmation: I speak/ I express
The chant: Ham
The crystal: Lapis Luzil. It enhances confidence and attracts abundance. It is a crystal that is historically known to have been a favorite among kings, queens, and leaders.
The color: Blue


Our psychic abilities, aka our perception of ourselves and our future, is in the third eye. I like to think of it as a connection to the vision I have for myself; it’s clear-sightedness in the most ethereal sense of the word. Dreams are associated with the third eye chakra too, so when you’re stressed and not able to sleep, you can feel clouded. And you don’t want to fog the vision of your future, so tune in and balance as soon as you notice a lower vibration coming into view. 

The element: Light
The affirmation: I see.
The chant: Om
The crystal: I find Amethyst to be good for the third eye as it transmutes the negative energy that has the potential to cloud your vision. It helps create a sense of clarity; even just looking at it, there is something very alluring.
The color: Indigo 



The crown chakra is our link the higher power or unconditional love which is the highest of all frequencies. I find that it helps to visualize that vibration connecting through your crown from above. That said, doing crown chakra work without balancing it with the root chakra can leave you feeling ungrounded. It’s through the lower chakras that we are able to open the channels to our upper chakras and spirit

The element: Nothing, everything, and all in between as beyond.
The affirmation: I know
The chant: Instead of chanting, we listen.
The crystal: Selenite is clearing, and charging; it cannot take on negative energy. I think of it as the sage of crystals.
The color: Violet or white

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